Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer

Now, there are no qualified medical experts here at Latties Sea Moss, so if you even suspect you may have any symptoms of cancer, please see your Doctor and follow their procedures to the full. 

However, there have always been anecdotal reports of reduced incidences of cancer, especially breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men,with people who are regular Sea Moss users. This has been folk wisdom for many years in Asian cultures - Korean, Chinese and Japanese - indeed all the way back to the Egyptians in 2640 BC!

In the West, in recent years this has begun to be taken seriously by the medical profession, and so below are a couple of links to some medical studies from the USA. Read them, and draw your own conclusions. 

This study shows the role of various therapeutic compounds in seaweed (of which sea moss is one) in both reducing incidence and effect. If you are very interested there are several links to other scientific studies, down which rabbit hole feel free to crawl.

The link below is perhaps an easier read to get an overall understanding of how and why sea moss may have an anti-cancer effect, but - disclaimer - links to a site which also sells sea moss tablets.